This communication was presented by members of Teens Communities & Digital Literacy group: Patricia Núñez-Gómez (Director and Principal Investigator) and researchers: Marcel Higuera-Brunner and Beatriz Lamelas-Ocaña, at the International & Academic Congress Against Child Poverty in the World. Faculty of Information Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. April 29, 2016.













The authors presented their research entitled: “Advertising and Media Literacy generating Children’s Participation and Empowerment”, and its results indicated that appropiate Media Literacy and Advertising, in this case focused on social issues, paired up the creation of audiovisual products in which children develop their media skills in a collaborative learning environment, not only provide children to develop these skills, but also their concept of citizenship and responsable participation in society, giving them active and critical empowerment in front of Media and Advertising’s messages.

You can see the full video of the communication here or on our YouTube Channel

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