injuve 109In the latest issue of Journal of Youth Studies, that belongs the Spanish Youth Institute (Instituto de la Juventud – INJUVE), you can find a range of approaches and contents linked to the perspective of globalization in which spanish youth is moving.

From a theoretical approach the authors analize new forms of identity that, due to the mass-media and ICT, propose new spaces representing an open gate to a new conception of cosmopolitanism.

In this respect, Patricia Núñez-Gómez (Complutense University of Madrid), Erika Álvarez-Flores (Sonora University of Mexico) and Marcel Higuera-Brunner (now at Complutense University of Madrid), analyse how technologies are providing to young people new opportunities, like areas of participation and collaborative learning.

The authors draw from the premise that people participate today in the management of contents so it´s absolutely necessary to adequate literacy education in accordance with our necessary human skills in order to find employment, developing ourselves and becoming critical and responsible citizens.

It is recommended to read this report for deepening different aspects like Collaborative Learning and New Technologies, Media Convergence, Participatory Culture, New Literacies and Civic Engagement, Education for the XXI Century, creativity and intelligence in educational settings of the digital society, education for creativity, education for Diversity: Theory of Multiple Intelligences MI, International trends and work across borders between educational spaces, Digital and Social skills, Learning environments or new Technological tools and resources.

We believe you will find this article an interesting read.

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