elsa moreda2

Elsa M. Moreda Sánchez


PhD in Communication and Social Sciences (Rey Juan Carlos University), Master Degree in Intercultural Communication (Alcalá de Henares University), Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Rey Juan Carlos University) and Degree in Tourism Studies (Rey Juan Carlos University).


Her PhD Dissertation entitled Comunicación Institucional Intercultural para la Salud: Un análisis de la adaptación cultural de materiales en el período 2000-2010 presented an analysis of the materials that Spanish Public Administrations have targeted towards immigrants during the period 2000-2010 with the ultimate goal of describing their suitability.

Currently she combines her work as EU and International Programmes Management Officer at the National Institute of Health Carlos III with her interest in research which is developed through her participation in research projects and scientific publications.

Her research interests are focused on health communication, intercultural communication, online advertising, immigrants and children; always taking into account a gender perspective.