logo2The Spanish Independent Council for Child Protection (CIPI-Consejo Independiente para la Proteccion de la Infancia) and the Children, Culture and Education Association (AICE-Asociación Infancia, Cultura y Educación), is touring all the Spanish provincial capitals in  order to design a Spanish Strategic Plan for Children.

The end of the tour will be the 29th April 2016 at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Communication, of  the Complutense University of Madrid. The act and the final report will be submitted by Antonio Jiménez,  CIPI´s Chairman, and Patricia Núñez, full Professor of  the Faculty and CIPI´s Counselor.

Spain is the second country in the EU with higher rate of child impoverishment. Adult citizens have a moral duty and a social commitment to become involved with our childhood. The largest investment of our society is its human capital, so CIPI is travelling  thousands of kilometers throughout Spain in order to study how to combat child impoverishment in our country.

CIPI needs the knowledge and opinions of many social agents, professional, political representatives, businessmen, academics, researchers, families and above all children. So this tour serves to give voice to all those who have something to say and contribute for Children of Spain.

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