Katiuska Manzur

Katiuska Manzur-Herrá
She is a Ph.D. candidate in the research group ‘Images, Words and Ideas’ of the University  of Alcalá and has a predoctoral fellowship under the University Teacher Training Program FPU-MEC.

She also holds a BA in International Business from Intec,  University of Santo Domingo and specializes in marketing and communication. Also has an MA in Communication and Learning in the Digital Society from the University of Alcala.

Her research interests are related to the study of the communicative projection of video games on social networks, the technological evolution of the game and socio-cultural dynamics of online gaming. In addition to this, she works as Community Manager of the Audiovisual Communication Degree at the University of Alcalá.

She is member of ECREA,  YECREA and AE-IC.