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Luis Rodrigo Martín
Degree in Law and  Degree in Advertising and Public Relations by Complutense University of Madrid, and PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising by University of Valladolid.

He was distiguished for his thesis Communication, Consumption and culture. Specialized consumption and their communicational speeches.

He has been a teacher for the Social Science, law and Communication College at University of  Valladolid since 2003. He teaches several subjects related to the advertising creative process which are included in the Advertising and Public Relations degree. During his teaching career he has worked for Segovia College and Villanueva College, both entities are held on to Complutense University of Madrid.

He has a Master Degree in Communication for social purposes and a Master Degree in Communication Research as Social-Historical agent.

He got Caja España and Caja Segovia’s prizes for projects related to communication and consumption. He has written several books and more than thirty articles for scientific magazines. He is the coordinator of the Research Group Icono 14 Tendencias en Publicidad y Consumo.