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María José Establés Heras


María José Establés is a researcher in the Images, Words and Ideas research group at University of Alcalá (Spain) and UNICA research group at University Pompeu Fabra (Spain). In fact, she is currently working as predoctoral researcher founding by the Ministry of Economy of Spain at University Pompeu Fabra.


She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies (Complutense University of Madrid – UCM ), an M.A. in Journalism (UCM) and a M.A. Communication and Learning in the Digital Society (University of Alcalá – UAH).

Her research interests are focused on fandom and online communities, with special interest in fan content for social, pedagogical and political purposes. In addition, she has published several articles about online journalism, e-politics and audiovisual narrative.

She has also been a visiting researcher at the Agora Game Lab at University of Jyväskylä (Finland), participating in several research projects on media education in Finnish and Spanish schools. She has been a visiting researcher at Bournemouth University (United Kingdom) for six months too.

Before starting her career in the Spanish academia, she has previously worked as a journalist and producer in different Spanish newspapers, radio and television, and she still collaborates with some local media from her native province. She is the vice-chair of Association of Journalists of Guadalajara (Spain) and the YECREA representative at Digital Culture and Communication ECREA Section.