Marina Ramos-Serrano (1)

Marina Ramos Serrano
Phd in Advertising and Public Relations by University of Málaga.

She is senior lecturer in the department of audiovisual communication and advertising at Universidad de Sevilla where she teaches courses related to advertising creativity and new forms of commercial communication.

Her research interests are focused on social media, branded entertainment, creative advertising. Now she is working about children and teens as content creators and their relation with brands. In addition, she has published several articles and chapters about online advertising, e-politics and branded content.

She has also been a visiting researcher at Depaul University (Chicago) and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Holanda) as as part of her doctoral training. Also she has been as visiting professor at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, EE.UU.).

Recently she has supervised the doctoral thesis Young prosumers: children and adolescents as agents of social change through the creation of digital content (Paula Herrero-Diz, February, 2016).