Martin Gendler
Degree in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires-Argentina


Member of the research team on the Information Society at the Institute Gino Germani , also is part of the proyect “Public Policies for digital inclusion in Argentina and the Southern Cone” directed by Silvia Lago Martínez, based in the Institute Gino Germani.

Grade professor at the University of Buenos Aires in the Special Sociologies “Technology and Society: Communication and Digital Culture” and “Sociology of Argentinidad”.

Currently, he has earned a PhD fellowship from CONICET under the direction of Silvia Lago Martinez for investigate Net Neutrality and other regulations in Internet on the Southern Cone.

He investigates different types of relationships, links, ties and forms of organization on the Internet, focusing especially in the field of video-online games, computer security, social movements and the creation of new spaces of political intervention.