Rocío López González
Researcher of the Research and Innovation Program in Higher Education at the Universidad Veracruzana. 

PhD in Pedagogy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. 


Master in Educational Innovation from the University of Sonora.

Degree in Education Sciences from the Technological Institute of Sonora.

Member of the Academic Group “Education, Culture and Society”.

She is a member of the Thematic Network “Digital Literacies at the University”. It belongs to the National System of Researchers of the National Council of Science and Technology, Level 1.

She is a co-author of articles and books related to the use of digital technologies by youth, with special emphasis on young university students, among which are: Young university students: use of digital resources, published in 2015, by UNAM and The Plaza and Valdes publishing house.

Her main line of research is the use of Information and Communication Technologies, university students and youth.